Sugar Sweet Custom V-day Cards



We are super excited and proud to share these  Valentines! This is the first time Sugar Ink has ever designed Valentine’s Day cards, and these were all created by Teri. They are all so adorable; we can’t pick our favorite. While they were created specifically as Valentine’s Day cards, they can also be printed and framed for your home as wall art in the kitchen or bedroom.
These are Flat 5×7 cards printed on 100lb cover stock and they come with white envelopes.
One card for $3
Two cards for $5
Four cards for $10
The whole set of twenty for $50
There is a $1 shipping charge on orders of less than five cards. (Or you may come pick them up directly from Sugar Ink!)
Orders may be placed over the phone or by email!
(720) 982-4613

v1 v2 v3 v4 v5 v6 v7 v8 v9 v10 v11 v12 v13 v14 v15 v16 v17 v18 v19 v20




Valentine Time: Give the Gift They Wont Forget


If you’re in search of the perfect present for Valentine’s Day, Sugar Ink Design has just the thing for you! A boudoir photo shoot is a creative, fun, and sexy way to celebrate each other on this special day.
Unlike chocolates or cologne, these timeless images will last forever! There are lots of fun ways to turn them into the perfect present. Your stunning photos can be printed off and turned into or added to a one of a kind Valentine’s Day card. You could email or text your partner a different image every hour throughout the day. You could even create a scrapbook, album, or collage with your favorite pictures!
Our talented photographers Katelyn and Teri are available to create elegant, artistic, and sultry images of you for that special someone. You have the option of choosing to shoot in the comfort of your own home if you wish! $175 includes a one hour session, image enhancing, a link to download your edited images, and a print release form so you may do what you wish with the photos. We recommend that you bring multiple outfits to your shoot and any props you wish to include. Please have your hair and make up done before the session.
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What Does the Font Say?



Choosing a font for an invitation or logo may appear irrelevant, overwhelming, or both. However, this is an important aspect that often gets overlooked in the design world.

The font you end up choosing for your design can either attract someone’s attention or detour them completely. There are hundreds of fonts out there but some of the most common categories are Modern, Script, and Serif; each of these have a specific style that is best for certain messages. Fonts set the vibe for your words and the psychology behind it all is fascinating.
“Researchers at Wichita State found that users consistently attributed personalities to fonts displayed onscreen.”
-Perception of Fonts, Dawn Shaikh
It may sound crazy, but it has been scientifically proven that people disliking your font can be linked to them disliking your information. Even the spacing between your letters and words can largely impact perception!

font1 font3

We don’t expect the average person to have studied the psychology of fonts or handwriting, which is why Sugar Ink Design is proud to offer custom quality graphic design in addition to photography services. The purpose of a logo, invitation, or flyer is to communicate a lot of information in a simple appealing format, and we want to create the perfect design just for you!

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Wedding Planning Etiquette Answers!


Tis the season for eggnog and gift wrapping, but the Holidays are also one of the most common times for engagements and wedding planning! We are very aware that planning a wedding is no small or simple task. We hope that our answers to these important etiquette questions can help start your planning off right!


When should I book my wedding photographer?

Booking a photographer 8-12 months in advance is the best time frame to shoot for. Many photographers have events scheduled over a year ahead of time, and they book up really fast! To avoid stress as your special day approaches, it is a great idea to start looking into photographers as soon as you’re engaged. Sugar Ink is more than willing to pick up a last minute event if photographers are available, but there is no guarantee there will be an opening on short notice.


Investing in a professional photographer

After researching choices for a photographer, you might think that the professionals are pretty expensive, and this may tempt you to let your cousin with a nice camera shoot the wedding for a low price, however, this important day will fly by leaving only photos behind, and going with an amateur photographer can be a huge mistake for many reasons.

First of all, a cheaper deal usually means more work for you. Many of the lower priced packages you find do not include much editing or attention to detail in general. Also, a friend with a camera will probably not take your wedding as seriously as a professional would (which will be obvious from their photos.) If you are not a trained wedding photographer with a lot of experience, there’s a good chance that you will miss a lot of important moments on this busy day. Anyone can spend a few hundred dollars on a decent camera, but a professional wedding photographer has invested thousands of dollars and countless hours into their career. Sugar Ink Design has amazing photographers, graphic designers, and an endless amount of creativity!


When should I do my engagement photos?

You’ll want to take your engagement photos shortly after your engagement. Aim to shoot within a few months, allowing for your photographer to edit and get them to you in time to order your Save the Date cards. The best time for engagement photo sessions would be during summer and autumn. If you want to use these photos for your save the dates, keep in mind that winter or early spring shoots would be best located in a downtown area for a more industrial feel; an autumn or summer location would provide a more scenic and natural vibe.

Sugar Ink Design offers both quality photography and unique graphic design services; voted Best Invitations in Denver by Denver’s A-List, winner of Wedding Wire’s Bridal Choice Awards, and Winner of Wedding Wire’s Couples Choice Awards! We would love to take care of your save the dates, invitations, and wedding photography!


When should I send out my Save the Date?

Once you have established a venue and set a wedding day, it’s time to send out a Save the Date card to all your guests! This should ideally be done 10-12 months before the wedding, especially if this an out of town or weekday wedding. This is another aspect that is worth the professional price, as opposed to using a photo kiosk or your friend that has Photoshop.

dawnmatt_1_large jencameron_1_large

When should I send out my wedding invitations?

When sending out your invites, shoot for having them in the mail 12 weeks before the ceremony. This gives enough time for your guests to arrange their schedules, and for you to finalize your guest list. Give your guests an RSVP deadline of 6-8 weeks before the wedding.

katejoey lauriedanny1

When do I need to send out my Thank You cards?

Thank You cards should be sent out no later than 2 months after the ceremony. A great idea to personalize your cards is to take a photo on your wedding day holding some sort of sign that says ‘Thank You’ ; the Sugar Ink team can incorporate this photo with other graphic design elements to create the perfect Thank You card!


We know how many hours of planning your wedding day requires, and we are great at capturing each little detail that you put so much thought into! This special day passes faster than you can imagine, but we’d love to provide you with stunning photos that will last a lifetime.


At Sugar Ink Design we create custom designs for your wedding invitations, tailored to fit your personal style and vision. We are happy to recreate any designs you may have seen online, in magazines or in our portfolio and we’ll customize it to fit your personality, style and event.
Sugar Ink offers what they call a Wedding Set. Each set includes a formal Invitation, a Reply Postcard, a Wild Card (can be used for directions/accommodations, thank you card, etc.) and a plain envelope.
We offer individual addressing and return address printing, using the same fonts, colors and design as the rest of your set. As “custom” designers, we keep working on your designs until they are exactly how you want them.
Our Wedding Sets are professionally printed on high quality 100 lb. Cover Paper. To inquire about pricing, send us an e-mail at to request an estimate. We base our pricing on quantity. Please include your desired quantity in your estimate request. Quantity should be based on Household, not per guest.

Call or e-mail us for a free estimate and schedule an appointment to discuss your design concept and timeline.

Check out our website here for more information!

Holiday Special



If you are searching for a unique holiday gift, quality custom cards, or one of a kind invitations, Sugar Ink Design has the perfect deal for you. Check out some of our favorite photos so far this season!


Donna_Rey Leana



The Holiday Special is a half hour photo session, an edited CD and Photo Rights Release, plus 25 custom holiday cards, using your favorite photos from your shoot. All of this for just $175!


Sugar Ink Design has three talented photographers filled with creative ideas. Your shoot can be done at the location of your choice. It is ideal to schedule around 3:30 in the afternoon when natural lighting is best. See some of our past Holiday card designs!
_MG_8458 _MG_8477
Once you have chosen your favorite images, Sugar Ink will create a card that fits your style and showcases your personality. You will also have all the photo rights to use the pictures in any way you wish! All of their photographers still have availability, so click here to book your shoot today

Santa Babies: Picture Perfect Holiday Infants


Sugar Ink Design captures the Holidays in a unique way that will make your season special and memorable. They offer quality photography and exceptional graphic design to turn your images into cards, invitations, or anything you need! Photos and design shown in this post were done by Sugar Ink Design owner, Teri.

Baby Miles brought lots of personality to his photos.

DSC_0220 DSC_0244 DSC_0271

Ryder Lee looked precious in every shot!


DSC_0523 (2) DSC_0534

“I loved the photos. Teri designed our announcement and Christmas card using the pictures. We got so many complements!They were exactly what we were looking for.”

-Malory: Mother of Ryder Lee


Click here to book your holiday shoot with Sugar Ink Design today!

Frightening Family Photos: Sugar Ink Dabbles in the Dark Arts



The word ‘macabre’ is used to describe something dark, frightening, or gruesome; usually relating to the horror genre. When Sugar Ink Design owner Teri told me this week would be featuring some Macabre family photos, I was excited for some fun Halloween themed shots. When she sent me the photos, I was immediately intrigued to hear the backstory behind them. I was also interested to hear that Teri didn’t know what ‘macabre photography’ was until shortly before this shoot; I was surprised because I felt like she captured it very well. It’s as if these shots jumped from pages of the works of Edgar Allan Poe.


“The macabre photo shoot was really fun. I love Halloween and scary movies so naturally I was really excited to be a part of this photo shoot. The great thing about being a photographer is having the opportunity to do new and creative things. You’re always thinking outside the box and trying to see every day things in a different perspective. It isn’t easy making a happy family look scary but it was a fun challenge that helped me get into the spirit of Halloween.”

-Bobby: Sugar Ink Design Photographer

Latifa works for Telecom, and her husband Curtis is an electrician. They are the proud parents of eleven year old Joey, and four year old Liliana. Joey is a talented, creative, smarty pants that enjoys: Steampunk, Egyptology, magic, and anything Sci-Fi. Liliana loves to sing and perform, but also enjoys: the outdoors, insects, and all animals.You may be surprised to hear that the Kohout family isn’t using these shots for a Halloween Party invite, but for their Christmas cards! The October timing was more of a coincidence. Latifa has always been drawn to darker types of art, and wanted to do something unique with her family. The Kohouts are not bound by tradition and embrace the Halloween festivities year round!


“We love attending Zombie Crawls! We also watch ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Gravity Falls’ as a family. Our stick figure family on my car is a zombie family. We play ‘zombies’ or ‘monsters’ rather than hide and seek. We even make our own costumes every year, and usually pick them months in advance.”



Latifa was inspired by an old theater painting of a witch and then  pitched the idea for a similar style shoot to Teri. Although Teri didn’t know exactly what macabre art was, she did the research and was excited to try out something different! Her brother Bobby is another photographer on the Sugar Ink team the enjoys Halloween; together him and Teri enjoyed approaching this unique concept. The original plan for this shoot was to head to the Littleton Historical museum, but they were closing so a new location had to be found. Luckily they stumbled upon an old abandoned vocation style house, and an old garage in a back alley–both in downtown Littleton. The old house was formerly Mrs. B’s Tea Parlor and Sister’s Espresso.

“We tried to find areas that looked aged and had a lot of texture and depth. Different editing tricks were used to add darkness and create a creepy feel; and our final result was exactly the antique look we were going for. It was the first time we’ve taken family photos and had to instruct everyone to not smile.”

-Teri: Sugar Ink Design Owner/Photographer

Teri knows the Kohout family well, and has done the headshots for Joey and the photos for Latifa’s softball team. Latifa has always appreciated steam punk and had a draw to dark art. She knew from the beginning that Sugar Ink Design would be perfect for the job.


“They always get stuff done and are great at taking my plan to the next level. Teri always finds a way to make each idea possible. We were so happy with the pictures because Sugar Ink brought my vision to life!”


Sugar Ink Design photographers love creative and fresh concepts; they embrace a challenge. Have an idea? Let them bring it to life! Click here to book quality photography and graphic design services today. Or go here to view more stunning photos from Sugar Ink Design.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: Festive Fall Photography



A crisp nostalgic scent is in the air already as temperatures start to drop to something a little more comfortable. Summer is fading, leaving shades of yellow and orange in its place. This combination of color, temperature, and autumn lighting creates heaven on earth for any nature loving photographer.


“Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”
― Lauren DeStefano, Wither

The fact that fall is fleeting leaves all the more reason to start enjoying the season as soon as possible, while appreciating the warm and vivid colors before they fade to brown. The first official moment of fall for Denver falls on Monday September 22, at 8:29 PM. This moment is known as the fall equinox, meaning the sun crosses the celestial equator leaving us with an equal amount of day and night. After equinox we have approximately two months of the most breathtaking background you could ask for, hand painted by mother nature. Two months may sound like a long time, but I think we have all began to realize that the seasons fly by faster every year. How will you make your autumn memorable?

katunnamed unnamedkatelyn

Corn mazes and pumpkin patches are a blast, but a photo is the only sure way to make those memories last. At Sugar Ink Design, our photographers have both an eye and an appreciation for all the elements fall adds to photos. Being based out of colorful Colorado gives Sugar Ink Design an endless amount of locations and inspiring ideas to make your pictures stand out.

unnamedkat unnamedkatl

“My favorite time of day to shoot would be in the evening during the “golden hour”,  when the light is really warm. I love finding locations with the best colors of fall foliage; my favorite place to have a session is Husdon Gardens. I try to make my photo sessions fun and enjoyable! It’s not all about posing and forcing a smile, but having fun and making sure the kids are having a good time too.”

-Katelyn Lumpkins, Sugar Ink Photographer


“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.”
― Albert Camus

The team loves exploring new ways to make a shoot creative! Make sure to share some of your fall traditions with your photographer so they can ensure your personality will shine through the images. Do your annual pumpkin carving in a colorful park and invite Sugar Ink to snap some candid shots. Headed to Denver’s Zombie Crawl? Sugar Ink will deliver some frighteningly stunning shots of your look. Maybe family photos aren’t your thing, but your Halloween costume is always photo worthy! Let Sugar Ink capture your costume in a special way, so it can be appreciated for more than just one night. (I once spent two hours painting giraffe spots on myself for Halloween, and luckily a friend did an impromptu photo shoot so my work wasn’t wasted!)

toritony_1_large toritony_3_large

Maybe you aren’t feeling up to a photo shoot at all, but you’d love to send out some unique thank you cards or fall themed invitations. Sugar Ink Design also offers custom graphic design for any occasion.

natashachris1 photo2

“We can incorporate your personal style and overall vision of the perfect invitation with a custom design. Give us your ideas, including color choices and any samples you may have collected from magazines or online. We know that the invitation sets the tone for what’s to come! We can help you put it all together, creating a unique ensemble of coordinating elements that carry the same theme throughout.”

unnamed unnamed234

Although the season doesn’t officially begin until Monday, I have already begun to press leaves, plan for Halloween, and stock my kitchen with all things pumpkin! I’m not sure what your plans are for this fall, but I know that Sugar Ink Design would love to be included. The harsh and constantly changing weather in Colorado makes for a very brief autumn window, but the view is incredible if you have the chance to catch it. You will not find a better time or place to be photographed than Colorado in October. Book our services today before all the leaves fall away!

All photos in this post were taken by Sugar Ink Design photographers Bobby, Katelyn, and Teri.


Author: April French-Mack (Halloween 2012)

Remember When Fairy Tales Were Fact, Not Fiction?



Those princess dresses are Mackenzie’s prized possessions. She plays dress up daily; constantly concerned about them staying clean and wrinkle free. When her mother Teri saw that the dresses would not fit for much longer, she knew she had to do something special with them.

“Kenzie has always loved everything Princess, and her growing imagination has lead her to believe she is a real princess! We have always called her ‘Princess Pie’. When she was two years old if asked what her name was, she always replied ‘Kenzie Jo Princess Pie’, believing that was her full name.”

For Kenzie’s 5th birthday a few favorite fairy tales came to life. At Lair O’ the Bear Park in Morrison Colorado, Sugar Ink Design photographer Katelyn Lumpkins captured the beautiful childlike faith that Kenzie carries. It’s a sense of imagination, belief, and wonder that has become rare in the world we live in. As the owner of Sugar Ink Design, Teri knows how many memories a good photograph can capture.

“I wanted her to always remember this time in her life; how much those dresses meant to her and how they made her feel so she can appreciate it when she is older.”


At age two, Snow White was the first princess Mackenzie fell in love with. A few years later, her only concern was for the apple. “Are we done yet, can I eat the apple now?”


Kenzie wears her glass slippers all the time, and loves the sounds they make when she walks on the kitchen floor.

_MG_5201 _MG_5264

Kenzie has been growing her hair out her whole life to look like Repunzel. I think we can all agree, mission accomplished.

_MG_5131 _MG_5126

Princess Merida from the movie Brave, is famous for her bow and arrow skills. Kenzie however, did not really understand the concept. When she was told to shoot, she would throw both the bow and the arrow. With a little more practice, I think she can work her way up to Merida’s level.

_MG_5074 _MG_5063

There’s no ocean in Colorado, but that didn’t stop Katelyn and Teri from creating a beach for Ariel. They took the shots near the stream and brought some seashells for Kenzie’s props. Teri even blew bubbles in the background to really pull the mermaid story off of the pages for Mackenzie.

“Mackenzie had a lot to do with this shoot. She would tell us that she needed to be up high for Repunzel’s long hair, or go by the water for the Ariel photos. Creating the story together was half the fun.”


“We had so many dreams as children. Where do they go when we grow? Are they swallowed up by the mundane things of everyday life? Or do we lose them, leave them behind us in the dust, for new children to find and take up?”
Helen Hollick, The Kingmaking

I think we know all too well how brief the window of childhood is, and how much we cling to those memories as we grow older. Traditional family portraits and yearbook photos are some of the common ways we attempt to capture a specific time in our lives; but what if there was a team of talented photographers and designers that could create a personalized story for your child?

Sugar Ink Design is available to make magic for your family by providing an unforgettable experience for your child, and high quality images that will last forever. Princesses and superheros don’t have to be confined to only the imagination. Maybe a fairy tale photo shoot will be the beginning of a lifetime chasing dreams.

Stop by the Sugar Ink Design Facebook page for the rest of Mackenzie’s photos, and check back on the blog soon for Mason’s superhero photo shoot! Mason and Mackenzie were born just five days apart, and both birthdays were filled with fantasy!

For more amazing shots from Katelyn and the rest of the Sugar Ink Team:

Click Here


Author: April French-Mack

Author: April French-Mack

Teri Turns Tragedy Into Positivity: 36 Acts of Kindness



The battle against suicide takes the lives of nearly 40,000 Americans every year. Our society often seems plagued with sickness, violence, and social injustice, making it difficult to remain positive when personal tragedy strikes.

Sugar Ink Design owner Teri lost her close friend Jeff Smith to suicide. Two years later, the loss Teri and her friends were still mourning became an opportunity to fight discouraging circumstances with positivity. On June 8, 2014, Teri would be turning 36.

“I love birthdays and big parties, but I just wasn’t feeling up to it this year. I just wanted to put good out into the world and get some positive energy out of it all.”

Earlier this summer, Teri had come across a story about a high school that had lost a few students to suicide. One individual decided to brighten the atmosphere after these events with a simple but powerful act of kindness. She came in early one morning and taped hearts on every single locker holding the message ‘you are loved.’

Teri was really touched by that story, and decided that she would spend her 36th birthday sharing 36 acts of kindness. It would be the perfect way to celebrate life and honor Jeff Smith, who was also known as ‘Hippy.’

Half the fun was brainstorming ideas and creating a plan for the day. Teri and her friends compiled lists of acts, pooled money to share expenses, and caravanned to spread some love around Colorado.

10409383_10204078490510140_6521421666818949766_n 10469043_10204078505670519_8575464719099909535_n

1. We all wore “FREE HUGS” shirts & hugged strangers throughout the day!


2. Handed out balloons to children at the playground (got a lot of wide eyed smiles!)

1504151_10204078525631018_8758519183386678630_n 10505627_10204078527031053_3862026998472447321_n

3. Taped “Oh my gosh! You look Gorgeous!” signs to women’s restroom mirrors.

10394617_10204078520110880_5768258986781106010_n 10500399_10204078520430888_3254574296398377780_n

4. Left watermelons on the front doorsteps of our neighbors homes.

5. Handed out sack lunches and water to the homeless (got a few tears).

936061_10204078511950676_8981579660740529702_n 10547526_10204078509910625_3592900061145583353_n

6. Donated a whole lot of stuff to Goodwill!

10444656_10204078517750821_1691611160130190419_n 10460131_10204078519190857_2297119337028728311_n
7. Left multiple bags of popcorn taped to RedBox’s to enjoy with their movie!


8. Left a fat tip to a deserving server.

9. Had lunch at Café 180.

10479469_10204078502470439_6248466114692802114_n 10525704_10204078521710920_6739855072772181539_n

Café 180 is a pay it forward establishment, with a mission to eliminate both hunger and social barriers. The options for payment at this restaurant are: pay whatever you would normally pay for a meal, exchange an hour of work for a meal, or pay a little extra to help out others.

10. Paid for lunch for the next family in need at Café 180.

11. Handed out bottled water to joggers and bikers.

12. Put quarters in parking meters (got a few hugs for this!)

10351382_10204078517310810_8519998279702191833_n 10447406_10204078517790822_1429469964538834408_n
13. Left quarters on a pay phone (Yes, there are still pay phones!)

10432126_10204078516350786_7212654845198960931_n 10360832_10204078514430738_1071373201738234552_n
14. Completed a survey to compliment an employee and establishment.

15. Put grocery carts away.

16. Thanked a vet for their service (with a hug filled with gratitude.)

17. Gave books to an avid little reader.

18. Did laundry for someone handicapped (Jayce, one of the kind team members.)

19. Gave maternity clothes to an expecting mama.

20. Reverse Pick Pocketed someone : Put $5 in an envelope and put in their bag!


21. Paid a tab for someone who volunteered to take a drunk patron home.

22. Helped clean and organize the home of a family member in need.

23. Let someone cut in front of us.

24. Sent a care package to a soldier.

25. Wiped down sinks in public restrooms.

26. Picked up trash along the side of the road.

27. Donated to the Special Olympics in honor of my friend.

28. Left a Thank You gift for our mailman.

29. Held the door open for a group of very slow and grateful older ladies.


30. Stopped along the side of the road to offer help to a car that was pulled over.


31. Enjoyed a long call with my sister in Florida whom I rarely find time to chat with.


32. Donated to the Children’s Hospital.

33. Donated to the Harvest House to help feed the homeless.

34. Complimented strangers.

35. Delivered canned goods to the Senior High Rise Food Bank.

36. Made several meals for a friend in need.


I think these images show how powerful something as simple as kindness can be when someone is in need. There is no doubt that Teri would have had fun if she had instead chosen her usual birthday party, but she chose to do something much more selfless with her day.

“Depression affects 1 in 10 Americans, and the amount of people diagnosed with clinical depression increases each year by twenty percent.”


I believe that we can overcome these statistics, Sugar Ink Design hopes to inspire a movement of kindness and positivity by sharing this adventure with as many people as possible.

“If we all do one random act of kindness daily, we just might set the world in the right direction.”

-Martin Kornfeld


In loving memory of Jeff Smith


Blog Author: April French-Mack


Rebecca and Katelyn’s Wedding


Sugar Ink Design was honored to be a part of Rebecca and Katelyn’s love story.  Sugar Ink Design owner Teri and Sugar Ink photographer Katelyn photographed their wedding on a beautiful late summer day in 2013! Teri was a part of the whole process, from helping plan and photograph the engagement to designing many elements of their wedding. We love being able to bond with couples during such an exciting time in their lives. After all, Rebecca and Katelyn are not just clients, they are our friends.


“I have found endless reasons to use Sugar Ink Design. They worked very closely with my fiancé and I to create our Save the Dates, and wedding invitations, as well as our ceremony programs, all the way down to our table numbers. . We wanted a traditional process with untraditional results. We wanted something different that would match our personalities and who we are as a couple. They did a fantastic job of being prompt with their design ideas, listening to our ideas and working so well with us. They were able to help us theme our design to match the smallest things at our actual ceremony, so that from the moment the Save the Date arrived to the moment they walked out of the reception our guests knew what we were going for. From start to finish we never felt uncomfortable being who we are. These groups of talented people really take the time and care for every part of the process.”

-Rebecca Backowski

DSC_1816 DSC_1828 DSC_1946 DSC_2086


DSC_0932 DSC_0983


_MG_8421 DSC_0698 DSC_0918


Every couple has such a unique relationship and story. Sugar Ink Design loves to show that through quality photography and creative graphic design. To book our services today, click here.

Sugar Ink Sponsors Gobble Wobble

The Clement Park Gobble Wobble began in 2010 as a fundraiser for the youth programs of the Clement Park Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Funds raised were to help finance camps, youth conferences, service projects and scouting.


This years logo was created by Sugar Ink’s graphic designer Ashley Shoemaker! The race has continued to grow since its inception. In 2011 a decision was made to give a portion of the proceeds to a charitable organization as the proceeds exceeded the fund raising needs of the church. Each year since, funds have been donated from the Gobble Wobble to other non-profit entities.

gobble gobble1-2

Sugar Ink Design has been one of the sponsors for the Gobble Wobble since their first race in 2010. Every year they design the logo, flyers, and the racer’s shirts; all free of charge!

gobble3-2 gobble4-2

Register for the 2014 Gobble Wobble here! The race is on Thanksgiving morning, November 27.


The Gobble Wobble team is proud to present Craig Hospital as the charity of choice for 2014!